Monday, September 25, 2006

A New Horse for the White House

Last year, my friend Ken Vandermark asked artist Richard Hull and myself to collaborate on a large painting backdrop for a performance at the Chicago Cultural Center featuring Ken, vocal artist/writer Jaap Blonk, and performance artist Lotta Melin. The project was based on the work of Sam Beckett- although the artists, all well versed in improvisation, created an organic work of complexity that slyly referred to Beckett in subtle ways. I was really happy to collaborate with Richard, an artist I greatly respect, to create the painting for the performance. We decided to limit the palette to 2 colors, and to use an "Exquisite Corpse" motif to make the compostion. The subject: The Trojan Horse. It turned out quite nice and is huge in scale ( 10 ft by 14 ft)
The painting is included in segments and in whole in the design of the new record by the Territory Band, a project of Ken's involving Chicago and Scandinavian musicians, titled "A new Horse for the White House" . It's put out by okkadisk records. It is , of course, challenging and amazing. Buy it now!

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