Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Keys at the Vic Theatre

Saw the Black Keys last night in Chicago at the Vic Theatre. One of my favorite rock bands right now- still stripped down, dynamic and huge in sound. Pat Carney just beats the shit out of the drums. Heard a funny segment on them on NPR friday Morning - great story about Jon Spencer smashing a tape of demos that a young Pat tried to give him upfront at a gig. Glad that didn't discourage him!
I met Pat briefly over the summer at Pitchfork during Flatstock- He was into the poster I made for thier show at Metro last December. Thanks to him for OK'ing this poster for the gigs last night and Friday. This poster is 19 x 25 inches, and is a 5 color screenprint with two metallic inks used. This was printed at my shop, Ground-Up.

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g said...

hey dan! is this the first print to come out of your new studio?? it's great! where do you get your scratch board? all i can find is that crazy expensive clay board...

really, this image almost summons the devil himself, not that you want him around or anything, just dark in a perfectly arcaic kinda way. take care, g