Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Keys at the Vic Theatre

Saw the Black Keys last night in Chicago at the Vic Theatre. One of my favorite rock bands right now- still stripped down, dynamic and huge in sound. Pat Carney just beats the shit out of the drums. Heard a funny segment on them on NPR friday Morning - great story about Jon Spencer smashing a tape of demos that a young Pat tried to give him upfront at a gig. Glad that didn't discourage him!
I met Pat briefly over the summer at Pitchfork during Flatstock- He was into the poster I made for thier show at Metro last December. Thanks to him for OK'ing this poster for the gigs last night and Friday. This poster is 19 x 25 inches, and is a 5 color screenprint with two metallic inks used. This was printed at my shop, Ground-Up.

Peter Brötzmann Poster

Saw the amazing reedist Peter Brötzmann with the amazing writer/poet Tom Raworth at Elastic a few weeks ago as part of the ESS Inner Ear festival. Didn't know what to expect as I was not familiar with Tom Raworth's work. He's an amazing poet, and live he brings it as good as anyone can present high energy creativity. Funny, bristling, caustic, brilliant, and understated. (I'm generally NOT a fan of the spoken word/poetry movement as a lot of it is overhyped and underwhelming) He and Peter would trade pieces : music/words/music/words , as the set went on the energy between the two of them was electric. An amazing night to see two great artists. They have a show of visual art up for the next few weeks at ESS's gallery Audible.

I made a poster for another gig Peter did while in town for the fest: A sextet organized with the superfantastic trombonist Jeb Bishop. Here's the poster for that show. The first print made at my work-in-progress print shop, Ground-up.