Friday, August 24, 2007

"Consumption bird" process

Finally got around to figuring out the colors to use for this art print I've had planned out for quite a while. Not sure of the final amount, probably at least 8-10 . Maybe more. I tend to treat art prints like paintings ,so I always end up adding more than I anticipate.

Started off with a charcoal drawing that I worked some watercolor inks into, sketching out the general colors. Originally was going to go for something really bright, but I've since changed my mind.

The paper is great, 22 x 30 inch stonehenge rising. The paper takes the ink really well, nice and tactile, soaks in nicely. I'm printing an edition of 100, with 5 artist proofs.

Here's the first color. Split fountain, ochre-ish color into a brighter hue.

Film on top of the first layer:

Drawing the next 2 layers:

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