Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Process- Envy/Thursday LP

I was commissioned by Jeremy DeVine and Temporary Residence Records to create the artwork for an upcoming LP/CD Release for Thursday (new Jersey) and Envy (Japan). The art direction is right up my alley...create a tornado of CROWS tearing through the landscape. Uh, yes, where do I sign up? I'm finishing up the gatefold illustration now, here's a few peeks at the cover art process scratchboard illo:


The Post-Apocalyptic Photographer said...

Wow, this is really incredible stuff. Keep up the good work!
Is there other artwork by you for the split besides this?

VJESCI said...

.as myriad doves covered in soot attempt to penetrate the barren ground die as a storm of violence...die absent of a sound.

Nicol3 said...

I love this illustration; it's incredibly sexy. Makes me want to try etching something too.

Your prints make me want to just dump cash on your desk and scream, I'LL TAKE ALL 'YA GOT!