Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prints, drawings, art giveaway, all sorts of stuff

So, this is a long post as I didn't really post last week at all. Too busy printing and drawing!
The week started off with shows at the Metro, and Schuba's in Chicago that I made posters for . Okkervil River on Monday at the Metro, and Crooked Fingers at Schuba's on Tuesday.

The Okkervil river poster sold out at the show, I do have more of the edition available , although they are selling extremely fast.

The Crooked Fingers poster turned out nice. So nice that I decided to make an art print version as well!

I also decided to run this contest to give away an original piece of scratchboard art, this one used for the Black Keys Boston Poster last spring. I am selling 50 random art tubes, each containing a random keys poster from the spring, a random awesome art print, and 2 other random posters or shop test prints. They are truly a steal!! I have 10 slots left , so hurry up and buy one, you could be the proud owner of this piece!

And Lastly, drawings. Lots and lots of drawings. I'm putting up 5-10 every day this week in my etsy shop , all for 50-125 bucks each. Super cheap , yes. Super great, yes. Many of these are subtle little colored pencil mixed media ink drawings, so jump on it!

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