Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sundays at home

The winter is arriving in Chicago today: walking with my daughters to the bagel shop this am we were greeted with wet flakes of melting snow. I tell myself to remember, this is the easy part of winter.
Must. Start. Running. Outside.
The rest of today has been spent playing with the girls for a while, printing out 3 lbs of mailing labels for print orders and working on a few new art prints I'm putting out this week.
Here's a preview of one. When I made the poster for Explosions in the Sky's Chicago show earlier this year I always thought in the back of my head I would make a scratchboard version of it as a stand alone print. So far, so good. More pics tomorrow.

Saw a great show on Friday at All Rise Gallery on Grand ave. My dear friends Jeff Tady and Todd Rittman showed new work; Tady showed his recent collages (mind=Blown) , while Todd showed 3 gigantic murals he painted on the gallery walls using only house paint and house-painting materials. They are expressionistic, awesome, and obtuse to say the least.

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