Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Ash" art print

As promised, here is the art print edition of the MBD poster image.

Ash is a 3 color screenprint. Printed on Stonehenge Cream and White 100% Rag paper in editions of 125, this print is massive at 22 x 30 inches. I ended up hand printing this due to a few complications with the size of this image creating some havoc with my autopress. When you have to hand print something, make it count by doing something REALLY FREAKING HUGE. Good to get a workout in on a spring-like day in any instance.

The vacuum table at the shop came in very very handy with this one.

Metallic Copper/Gold edition:

Metallic Blue/Silver Edition:

These are both for sale now in my Etsy shop.

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AC said...

This print is really incredible in person. Pictures do not do it any justice. Great work.