Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sonic Youth poster process

I was hired by Sonic Youth to make a poster for the kickoff show on their new tour supporting "the eternal" out on Matador. My buddy Mitch Putnam helped organize the series for them. There are a lot of amazing posters being made for this tour by some of the top artists in the poster game, so I was happy to be included.

Final Scratchboard image ( the drawing is from a series of "Monument Relocation Technicians" Ive been making lately.:

Second color being printed. (first was a darkblue/teal split fountain) This is a carmine red/red orange split.

Two Colors down.

Drawing on vellum for the 3rd layer.

Printing the 3rd layer, a metallic silver/gold split. Printed on the trusty Cameo.

Printing the 4th layer by hand on the very large vacuum table. Why print by hand? On this print it seemed I could get the best detail on this table. Screenprinting is idiosyncratic at times, for sure.

Looks good...

Daylight in the shop...

Final poster. 4 colors ,19 x 25.

Sonic Youth have bought most of this run. I will have approx 35 copies of this for sale starting tomorrow (Sunday) morning in my Etsy shop. They may go fast so keep your eyes open...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Apocalypse Cow Poster

Well, the beer is finally out and so is the poster! Along with creating the artwork for Three Floyds' new Brew Apocalypse Cow, I made a poster to go along with it! These can be purchased in the Magnificent Brew Pub that Three Floyds has or from me in my Etsy shop.
The print is 19 x 25 on Cream Speckleton paper and looks pretty crazy in person.

Friday, June 19, 2009

X Double Door Chicago Poster

So, getting to make a poster for X was one of those little life checklist items. Fun to do, and amazing to see the band rip through classic gems tonight. Tight as hell and still one of the best bands worth seeing.

Heres the finished posters for the show. One was printed on French paper's Nightshift Blue, a super saturated color. The other version was printed on Tangy Orange. I cant decide which one I like better, so, why decide?

The imagery for the poster was inspired by the lyric for "The Hungry Wolf" off of Under the Big Black Sun. "Welcome to gripping jaws, the author of your death"

Good times.

available now in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Mile Pilot Poster Process

I was recently hired by Temporary Residence to create a tour poster for the recently re-formed Three Mile Pilot. Here are some process photos for the printing of this poster. We printed it on 19 x 25 French 80# Cream Speckletone.
First Color down- a split fountain of Dark Red- Med Orange:

Printing second color (Teal/Slightly Bluer Teal split):

Second Color Down, looking good so far!:

Lining up 3rd Color on the press: (Acetate keyline drawing taped on top of first 2 colors)

3rd color down: Metallic Gold, lightened with cream ink:

Lots of finished copies:

Quick Snapshot of the finished poster:

Vandermark Five: Special Edition

Poster for my friend Ken Vandermark's upcoming set of shows at the Green Mill. This should be a real barn burner- with the Current Lineup of Tim Daisy, Kent Kessler, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dave Rempis and Ken joined by Scandinavian Stalwarts Havard Wiik and Magnus Broo!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coffee, coffee , coffee

My friend Sam Verrill puts on a series of print shows benefiting coffee co-operatives in Latin America- the shows are in the Philadelphia area and feature artwork from many of the best poster makers around today. I contributed this piece "Never Waste A Drop"- It turned out whimsical and fun. 4 colors on French's Safety Orange Paper, including an impossible to see, yet VERY NECESSARY layer of transparent metallic gold ink. 19 x 25, edition of 200.

The print is available now in my Etsy shop.

And....we're back!

I took some time off blogging as I was swamped swamped swamped with work and houseprep.

Many prints and a few new floors installed later I have lots to put up.

The last month has been exciting , working on new posters for the Vandermark Five extended edition show at the Green Mill, Sonic Youth poster for the first date on the new tour at the Vic, X, Shipping News, Bottomless Pit/Poison Arrows and a slew more , including a poster for the (recently reformed) Three Mile Pilot Tour!!!

Also about ready to unveil some new prints in the Colonies series and (Finally) finish up the "Last American Bear" print I've wanted to get caught up on.

Festival season is in high gear- I will have a tent at Pitchfork's Flatstock show ,right next to the Lemon Shake-ups and 40 other amazing print artists.

The Beer I designed the label for , Apocalypse Cow is almost ready for release and yes, there IS a poster coming out for the artwork. Stay tuned, LOTS OF IMAGES heading your way!