Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sonic Youth poster process

I was hired by Sonic Youth to make a poster for the kickoff show on their new tour supporting "the eternal" out on Matador. My buddy Mitch Putnam helped organize the series for them. There are a lot of amazing posters being made for this tour by some of the top artists in the poster game, so I was happy to be included.

Final Scratchboard image ( the drawing is from a series of "Monument Relocation Technicians" Ive been making lately.:

Second color being printed. (first was a darkblue/teal split fountain) This is a carmine red/red orange split.

Two Colors down.

Drawing on vellum for the 3rd layer.

Printing the 3rd layer, a metallic silver/gold split. Printed on the trusty Cameo.

Printing the 4th layer by hand on the very large vacuum table. Why print by hand? On this print it seemed I could get the best detail on this table. Screenprinting is idiosyncratic at times, for sure.

Looks good...

Daylight in the shop...

Final poster. 4 colors ,19 x 25.

Sonic Youth have bought most of this run. I will have approx 35 copies of this for sale starting tomorrow (Sunday) morning in my Etsy shop. They may go fast so keep your eyes open...

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righard said...

wow, an amazing print as always - great to see your process, and get to see some of your workshop.