Friday, June 19, 2009

X Double Door Chicago Poster

So, getting to make a poster for X was one of those little life checklist items. Fun to do, and amazing to see the band rip through classic gems tonight. Tight as hell and still one of the best bands worth seeing.

Heres the finished posters for the show. One was printed on French paper's Nightshift Blue, a super saturated color. The other version was printed on Tangy Orange. I cant decide which one I like better, so, why decide?

The imagery for the poster was inspired by the lyric for "The Hungry Wolf" off of Under the Big Black Sun. "Welcome to gripping jaws, the author of your death"

Good times.

available now in my Etsy shop.


Dena T said...

Very nice work, Dan! I saw X a couple of times at the Park West many years ago and I'll be seeing them again Saturday night. I'll have to save my pennies up and buy your poster!


Logie said...

Dan -

The images do not do this poster justice. I bought one (blue) at X's final tour stop in Minneapolis and it is just beautiful. The slight shimmer in the metallic inks is really cool. This is based on my favorite X song, so I really appreciate your thought process and your skill.

(and no - I don't know Dan. This is an unsolicited testimonial)

So, in closing. Wow. Great work.