Monday, August 17, 2009

Serengeti Ghosts

A new art print in 2 different color versions based on the wounded/wooden lion from my recent Dan Auerbach poster... I played with different titles for this, one inspired by the Ethiopian music scene of the 50's-70's but ended up calling it "Serengeti Ghost", which I think works nice with the image. I've been watching the "Planet Earth" DVD over and over this year and I sit with my daughters wondering how many animals will be left by the time they are my age. I'm not very optimistic.

These prints are different edition sizes- the Dark Brown is an edition of 50 , the medium/light brown is an edition of 100. Size is 19 x 25 inches. You can pick one up in my Etsy shop if you like. Or click on the button below:
Medium Brown edition :

Dark Brown Edition:

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