Saturday, August 29, 2009

Transmission art print and process


22 x 30 inch art print screenprinted on 100% Rag Stonehenge paper, one deckled edge. 3 color print, edition of 100 signed and numbered.

I've been working on this image in my head on and off for a few years, so I'm pleased with the way this idea finally translated into a drawing and then a print. The Joy Division song "Transmission" was the intial inspiration, particularly the line "touching from a distance, further all the time" Then when I heard the slowed down heavy version of the same song by Low I was certain I needed to make this print. The intial idea, of broadcasting houses into the air originally included a radio tower, but I kept simplifying it and paring it down until it became this simple yet detailed drawing. As with a lot of my prints, I'm not sure what it is really trying to say until I'm finished with it, and even then, I'm not quite sure.

As with most of my work, this piece is particularly best seen in person. The second layer is a metallic silver , which works nicely with the deep ultrablue night sky.

Here's a few pics from the drawing process and printing process.

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