Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The All-Star

My pal Mitch Putnam over at omgposters/posters and toys was asked by Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles to curate a show of prints under the theme "Greatest sports moments of all time" or something to that effect. I was asked to participate along with 41 other artists and of course said yes.
Now, I'm from Chicago, which means that tragedy and loss are somewhat synonymous with being a fan of either the North or South Side teams (OK, especially North. I am a Cubs fan). So, what do I pick? The 1969 cubs flop? Or any of the many many many chokes since then? Notice the cynical Chicago attitude that doesn't even address the best basketball dynasty next to the Celtics when Number 23 was playing. Nope, back to normal here since MJ retired.
Anyhow, I figured a better option was to delve into creating my own ULTIMATE ALL-STAR. A sort of post-apocalyptic/Mythic/1980's High School burnout sort of awesome guy. So here he is. The All-Star. 18 x 24 screenprint. The Show opens this Thursday in Los Angeles. Someone out there take pics of the show and send em to me ok? THANKS!

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