Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Last American Bear Process

Finishing up a lot of work this week, packing and shipping art to Austin for Flatstock at SXSW (Next week already?!!). One thing to get finished is this new art print that has been on the backburner for awhile, The Last American Bear. I'll put up preview of the art as it is completed and the printing as well over the next few days.
Heres the first initial sketch on claybord followed by shots as I'm inking different sections and starting to improvise detail. At this point in the process I'm pretty much done using pencils. Its all sharp implements, music (a lot of ventures, Howling Wolf, Ornette Coleman, Chameleons and Wire as of late) As far as scale I'm working 16 x 20 inches, finished print will be 22 x 30 on Stonehenge.:

Starting in with a lot of detail on the Head :

Hmmm. Gotta do something about these eyes. Looking a little too psycho, even for an endangered Grizzly.

OK. Head looking better. Time to start gathering spare wood and used car parts for the rest of the body.

More tomorrow.

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brucini said...

to see your artistic evolution in this way