Monday, October 18, 2010

Desaturate: Reconstructed North American Fauna

This summer my friend Damon Locks, visual artist and musician (the Eternals) asked myself and 5 other artists (Jay Ryan, Derrick Buisch, Ethan D'Ercole, John Hitchcock, Dan Wang, and of course, Mr. Locks) to create a series of Black and White screenprints that would be shown under the exhibition "Desaturate"
I had been wanting to make some Black and White screenprints for a while, so the chance was finally there in the form of this invitation. I chose 5 North American Animals that have both historical importance and are important figures in Native American Folklore and Mythology.
The prints are more intimate in scale, Paper size is 12" x 12", the imagery is centered nicely in about a 6 inch area on the paper.
I have made both individual prints and the entire set ( bound in a limited handmade portfolio) available in my Etsy shop.

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