Thursday, December 15, 2011

Four Sticks Artist Editions

This is an artist's edition of the "Four Sticks" print. I was asked by the Flood Gallery of London to contribute a piece to the "Led Zeppelin 4 at 40" show, where 8 artists were tasked with creating a print based on one song from the epic LP.
The original edition was exclusively available through the gallery and was a run of 200. There are two artist editions: Safety Orange (Deep Gold) and Charcoal Brown paper. Gold Metallic Ink is used, 3 layers total. Signed and numbered edition of 100 and 50 respectively.
This was a really challenging piece for me to make. The power of the songs opening riffs, with the relentless rhythms from the entire band set the pace. Reading how Page and Co. took to creating the song as an abstract, I latched onto this as I’ve been making prints of semi-abstract landscapes recently. Taking imagery from the night, and the woods, the belly of an owl filled with a river in the English Countryside I hope I conveyed at least a part of what the song brings out emotionally.
These are now up in the shop.

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