Friday, March 16, 2012

The Great Washington Heron (Monument Removal Technician #2)

So, a few years back I made this super rad poster for Dinosaur Jr. At the time I wanted to republish it as an art print, and made plans to do so....and of course it went on the back burner. Finally got around to publishing it and it turned out great! There will be a series of these over the next few weeks. (#1 is the Buffalo from my Sonic Youth Poster from 2008) These are Monument Removal Technicians, creatures from my superfuture mythos that spins in my head. Beasts whose job it is to gather up the giant detritus of man and remanufacture and remount it somewhere else.

This guy is the Great Washington Heron, basically a Great Blue Heron evolved into a beast that moves the Washington Monument from location to location in perpetuity. The print is 4 colors, with 3 split fountains. (fancy print talk ) and is 18 x 24. S/N edition of 175. Up now in the store!

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