Saturday, October 27, 2012

Swans @ Metro 2012

I was asked by the amazing , heavy, lyrical, legendary, storied, and dark band Swans to make a poster for their most recent show in Chicago this past week.  After, what 25 years or so as a band they are making their best music.  Listened to the recent release "The Seer" many times while working on this. 
The poster I made for last year's show at The Bottom Lounge was the first, or second, depending on how you look at it, part of a story the two posters make.  Traveling up above the clouds on a ricketly ladder to then leave your possessions and live in the life beyond....or the reverse.  A descent from paradise into contemporary life.  The posters were meant to hang next to each other in this regard.

Here's the new one:

and here is the poster from last year:

The posters are 18 x 24 and are available in my shop, Here, and Here.

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