Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought Gathering

"Thought Gathering" art print, available now in the shop.  4 colors, 18 x 24 with metallic golds and coppers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fortress of Solitude

"Fortress of Solitude"
A print built around the idea of finding a place, any place, where you can think and find clarity and peace of mind. When I was a kid reading Superman comics, Superman would have to fly to the NORTH POLE to that insanely huge palatial fortress crammed with memorabalia and sheer amounts of STUFF. He could have spared himself the trip and pared down his needs to a mountaintop and a tent. Or a backyard and a blanket thrown over his head.
The print is 12 x 24 inches on White cover stock. It is 3 layers of screenprinted magic, the second layer being a metallic silver. Signed and numbered in an edition of 200.

Available now in the shop.

Glen Hansard @ The Vic Theatre

I was commissioned by Glen Hansard to make a poster for his sold-out show at the Vic Theatre as part of his solo tour. I'm a big fan of his work from the Frames through the present, so this was of course, a fun piece to make.
The poster is 4 screens with metallic gold and copper , and is a signed and numbered edition of 160. I have approx 50 to sell. The size is 18 x 24 inches.
These are up in the shop now.

Explosions in the sky- Chicago Theatre

I was very pleased to be asked by Explosions in the Sky to make a poster for their performance at the historic Chicago Theatre in Chicago.
The poster is printed with blue and metallic silver and is a signed and numbered edition of 175, most of which went to the venue the night of the show. Size is 18 x 24 inches.

I have a small number available now in the shop.