Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swans at Bonnaroo 2013

Swans official poster for their appearance @ Bonnaroo Festival.  3 colors, 18 x 24 inches, edition of 150.

The idea for the image came from stumbling across a copy of a self published art anthology zine I put out 20 years ago called "Chop Fold and Grind"  The image was similar in composition, with an isolated dog-like creature in a clearing with tall trees behind it.  I always thought the image could look way better and when I found this the other week, I instantly felt that a new version of this idea would fit with Swans music- brooding, dark, laden with emotion and tension, yet still clinging to hope.  That's what I felt when I listened to "The Seer" for the first time, I mean, what an incredible record!  After that , it all just fell into place with drawing the image out, it went very smoothly.  

                                                 These prints are available now in my store.

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