Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dark Lord Day 2015

Here it is- the official poster for Three Floyds Brewing Company's annual bacchanal extraordinaire .  The theme this year was Frederick the Great and the Seven Year's War.  Lookit up on your Wikipedia and Brittanica, it was a doozy of history.  I poured that and scenes from the battle of Rossbach into my skeleton filter and came up with this: 4 color screenprint , edition of 450, 18 x 24 signed and numbered.  Most of these went to FFF, the rest are up in the shop.

 I also printed some rad testprints along the way.  I'll be adding those to the store , a few each day.

These are all up now in the SHOP.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Land Of Lincoln

A new print in two colorways celebrating the pride of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln.  Holding his axe and a copy of the 13th Amendment, Mr. Lincoln is ready for a visit to your home to help with cutting some kindling for your fire, building a fence, or securing human rights for your future.