Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Wind Came Out Of The East- Standing Rock Benefit print

I have made a one color print of the detailed keyplate drawing from the "A Wind Came Out Of The East" print, which was inspired by the Fugazi song Smallpox Champion.  ALL proceeds , not net profits, ALL proceeds will go directly to the Standing Rock tribe, who are currently fighting a desperate protest to block the construction of the Dakota Acess Pipeline through Tribal Land, violating treaties and endangering the water supply.  18 x 24 inches edition of 100.

Mystery Tube Sale!

Mystery Tube sale!

The annual Mystery Tube sale is on though the end of this week.

3 options!

S- 3 prints/posters. $30 Simple.
M- 5 prints/posters + tee! $50
XL - 10 prints/posters +2 tees! $100

If you choose either of the options with a T-shirt- send me an email with your shirt size or add a note to the order!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hello Friends,

It's time for the annual sale- yes, you are inundated with Black Friday offers from every big box or small box retailer, and I suppose I am one of the chorus.  However, supporting artists and small businesses in your community is one of those absolutely tangible ways you can see your decisions affect positive outcomes.

And also, get a good deal!  Here's the skinny:  Every shirt, print, poster and coaster is on sale through Midnight SUNDAY .  Take 25% off your order by using the code GIVETHANKS at checkout.

That's it!  Its my last sale of the year.  


There WILL be a mystery tube sale at some point next week as I prepare for the annual RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR in Chicago!  Keep checking Instagram and Twitter @jetsah for the announcement.

Next Weekend at the Bridgeport Art Center, this thing is the big banana of Holiday shows.  I'll be in the Skyline Loft Dec 3 and 4th from 11-6!  Details and directions HERE

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hexbreaker Print! CUBS WIN!

As we all know by now, it happened.  IT HAPPENED.  My beloved Chicago Cubs won the World Series in perhaps the most dramatic Game Seven Baseball game in history.  It's up there, for sure.  I didn't realize till the next day that the Cubs won it on Dia De Los Muertos, which is of course the inspiration for my Sugarskull Cub The Jewels print (and shirt!).  

The day of Game 7, I was kind of a wreck.  I couldn't get my mind off baseball, so of course, I drew a portrait of a Chicago Cub, of the Grizzly Bear variety.  Sort of a Ron Santo/Kyle Schwarber mash-up, with fur.  

I made it into a 5 color silkscreen print , and it is now available .  Through the end of this week it is $20.16

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Explosions in the Sky @ The Aragon Ballroom

Apollo and his chariot drag the sun across the sky for the birth and eventual death of the day- This poster for my friends in Explosions in The Sky sold out at the venue.  I have several copies left in the shop.

Explosions in the sky @ First Ave MN

This poster sold out at the First Avenue show in MN.  A few copies up in the shop.

Andrew Bird @ Headliners Louisville

Always a pleasure to create something for Mr. Bird.  This snowy owl on a Kentucky Tobacco Barn sold out at the show; I have few copies in the shop.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Alabama Shakes - Aragon Ballroom

The Second in my recent Alabama Shakes posters for venues in my hometown of Chicago- a poster for their appearance at the Aragon Ballroom- A venue where my grandparents danced to the Big Bands in the 40's and I went to see the Clash in the 80's!
This and the Civic Opera House poster are now up in my shop.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Dark Lord Day 2016 poster

One of the highlights of my year is having a total blast making a poster for 3 Floyd's Brewing's annual Dark Lord Day event- and this year was awesome as I did an homage to Blade Runner!

Here it is:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ The Sinclair

This is a poster commissioned by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros for their concert at The Sinclair in Cambridge , MA, where they presented their new LP "PersonA" in full.  This print is a 5 color screenprint, signed and numbered in an edition of 200.  The majority of these posters went to the band- I have 50 to sell.  The poster is 18 x 24 on Cream stock.

Up in the store now!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reconstructed North American Fauna !

A few years back I made a series of five smaller prints (12 x 12 inches) of examples of North American Fauna, as seen through my lens of drawing- Buffalo, Crow, Bald Eagle, Coyote and Bear.

Continuing that series has been on the back burner until just recently.  I'm happy to show the next three in the series:  Reconstructed Bobcat, Screech Owl, and Mountain Lion !  They are printed on French Speckeltone and are the same size (12" x 12")

These are all up in the shop now, with both framed and unframed options!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Fortress Of Solitude, Red/Copper edition

A new Colorway of my print "Fortress Of Solitude".  Screenprinted in shades of red, copper, gold , and black, this print is 12 x 24 inches and is a signed and numbered edition of 175.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

This Must Be The Place

"Home is where I want to be , but I guess I'm already there"
The second in my Top Twenty series of prints inspired by 20 of my favorite pieces of music, " This Must Be The Place" is an existential shoutout to the song of the same name off of the Talking Heads Classic "Speaking In Tongues" LP.
The print is 12 x 24 inches and is an edition of 250.

Available NOW in the Shop.