Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hexbreaker Print! CUBS WIN!

As we all know by now, it happened.  IT HAPPENED.  My beloved Chicago Cubs won the World Series in perhaps the most dramatic Game Seven Baseball game in history.  It's up there, for sure.  I didn't realize till the next day that the Cubs won it on Dia De Los Muertos, which is of course the inspiration for my Sugarskull Cub The Jewels print (and shirt!).  

The day of Game 7, I was kind of a wreck.  I couldn't get my mind off baseball, so of course, I drew a portrait of a Chicago Cub, of the Grizzly Bear variety.  Sort of a Ron Santo/Kyle Schwarber mash-up, with fur.  

I made it into a 5 color silkscreen print , and it is now available .  Through the end of this week it is $20.16

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