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Drinking Toasts From Around The World! On Sale Now

Drinking Toasts From Around The World





I just finished this fun set of drinking toast themed prints- these are being displayed at Dryhop Brewers in Chicago for Chicago Craft Beer Week.  They are all available online now in my shop.  The "Drinking Toasts From Around The World" is inspired by that notebook you had in junior high, you know the one- with Metallica or Dead Kennedys (in my case) band logos drawn in ball-point pen in the margins and covers, AND back cover, AND inside cover.  I took that aesthetic to hand drawing in that mentality as many drinking toasts as I could fit in logically on this print.  And yes, one of these is in KLINGON !  Double nerd points!  The print is 2 colors, Metallic Gold and Black on 18 x 24 French Paper Stock.

The Four Typography Toast prints were a fun exercise in drawing type and nothing else, a real departure for me.  The originals were drawn on scratchboard panels 5" x 5".  The prints are gold and black on French Paper Co. Stock and are 18 x 18 inches.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dark Lord Day 2015

Here it is- the official poster for Three Floyds Brewing Company's annual bacchanal extraordinaire .  The theme this year was Frederick the Great and the Seven Year's War.  Lookit up on your Wikipedia and Brittanica, it was a doozy of history.  I poured that and scenes from the battle of Rossbach into my skeleton filter and came up with this: 4 color screenprint , edition of 450, 18 x 24 signed and numbered.  Most of these went to FFF, the rest are up in the shop.

 I also printed some rad testprints along the way.  I'll be adding those to the store , a few each day.

These are all up now in the SHOP.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Land Of Lincoln

A new print in two colorways celebrating the pride of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln.  Holding his axe and a copy of the 13th Amendment, Mr. Lincoln is ready for a visit to your home to help with cutting some kindling for your fire, building a fence, or securing human rights for your future.