Tattoo Permission Slip

$50.00 USD - $500.00 USD

So you've decided to get a tattoo and you want to use an existing image of mine. That's wonderful news and very flattering of course!

The best course of action is to pay the artist for usage of the image you want to wear and display on your human form. Doing this is an honorable way to pay the artist for the work they've created, and makes it exciting when we bump into each other one day and I can say - "Ah, Jessica/Theo/Bigfoot that house with wings looks great on you!"

I have listed below a few different choices for payment. Pick which seems like the best amount for you and we are good to go. Nothing will be sent to you other than my blessing.

Can this be used retroactively for that Jetsah Eyeball you had inked three years ago? Of course. Any support and patronage of my work is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, please do send me a picture of the completed work!